Early signposts

I think I have enough time working with a few tools to leave some opinions for anyone who follows behind me.

So far, I have done almost all of this learning, on my phone, and my chromebook. I know that I will outgrow that here in a month or sooner, but for the early stuff- I didn’t jump out and buy a specific machine for this.

I started with codeCademy, and paid for a month of premium. I liked it, I think there is value there… but I decided to try moving on without it, and I think I’m doing just fine without a premium learning source.

I also did a free month trial of LinkedIn Learning, for video content and LOVED the content there. I liked all of the presenters, and most of the content was fresh and relevant. They also provided files to follow along, and practice. Going as cheap as I could, I wanted to see if I could replicate the quality using YouTube. -LinkedIn Learning is better than youtube for getting quality content. Enough for me to fork over $30 a month.. I decided no.

Moving out of that first month, I started with freeCodeCamp.org, its very similar to codeCademy, but donation based, and has a solid and devoted community. YouTube also has filled in for my video/audio learning content. I listen mostly, to the videos during down times that I can’t really code.

I was trying to buy a month of codeanywhere… and bought a year. I like it, it does allow me to keep my learning projects online, but I would not recommend at this point. CodePen serves a very similar function for my purposes, and is free.


Youtube works enough for video content. freeCodeCamp.org is also good. Premium subscriptions, LinkedIn Learning and codeCademy may be slightly higher quality, but if you are progressing with the free options, I would stick with them.

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