L’eggo my eggo..

I found myself struggling to really understand what I was doing at freecodecamp.org. I was completing exercises… but not feeling like I actually understood what I was doing. So, I have gone back and paid for another month of codecademy. Freecodecamp.org was more of a skills check and less of a learning outlet in Javascript. Codecademy has you build the javascript line at a time, rather than just having you mimic code with a different variable name. I do plan to go back and complete the freecodecamp.org stuff, but once I have a better understanding.

Also, I have been listening to a video by Tony Alicea, about the weird parts of Javascript. the first 3.5 hours are on youtube, the rest at Udemy. I haven’t paid for the Udemy parts yet, but I think I will. His 3.5 hour video, I’ve learned a lot from so far.

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