Onto React!

I’ve been slacking in updating here, but I have been working on Javascript a lot lately, as well as making a couple new web pages just to refresh.
React is what I’m working on now. I certainly understand the high level flow of React, but I’m still working out exactly how routing and state/props work.

I’ve completed all the freecodecamp.org React modules, but I still want more practice before I add redux to it. Once I have that, I am going to make a few web apps and then start diving into Android/iPhone apps.

I made a random quote generator with just js, now I want to go back and make it using React. -> https://codepen.io/ThomasAurelius/full/ymXoyB

I also made a landing page for Uber and Lyft referrals, I’m going to use a URL shortener, and generate a QR code to link to it, and put it in my car. – > http://thomasaurelius.com/projects/referral/index.html

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