I am teaching myself to be a web developer, online, mostly for free. My focus is responsive and accessible web pages, that work well no matter what size screen they are viewed on, without making separate mobile/desktop web pages.

My Story

Once upon a time, I had started down a web development path, back when the web still looked like the Space Jam website. (seriously, check it out, it’s a good throwback to 1995).

Life took me for another turn, into Semiconductor and Process Management and Process Improvement Management.

The human behind the curtains…

Sub-40 year old father to 2 daughters and a wiener dog named Jackson. Hailing originally, from Oregon, I have settled into Texas being home for the last 10+ years.

My hobbies are programming, programming, programming. But before taking on this endeavor, I would enjoy reading, playing card/board/video games and tinkering with small electronic and fixing iPhones.

-Thomas E Gooch (Thomas Aurelius)