New Direction!

I started this blog just as a way to, document my journey into self taught Web Development. And, that will remain a primary focus of what I hope to do here.

I have also, separately, started a Facebook and Youtube channel in the hope of helping people out there make a little extra money in the wasteland that is the gig economy. That is, the Ubers, and Lyfts, and Instacarts, and Postmates, Bird, Lime etc.

It didn’t feel entirely cohesive, as I wasn’t first and foremost a rideshare driver. This blog didn’t even feel cohesive, as I still know very little to make it worth having a presence on the web. But both of these endeavors were taken in the vein of helping those who come after me. If anything I say, can help someone, that gives my weird little soul some happiness.

Both endeavors also center around taking responsibility for your situation and working to make it better. Even if you don’t have all the answers. I don’t have all the answers, I hope I never do. But I’ll share what I can in the effort that someone stumbles a little less than I did.

But what ties them together, for me, what makes both of them take such a front and center space in my life, is being a parent in an age of capitalism and terrible, terrible parenting.

Being a Dad, is hands down my favorite job. Even when it was non-stop poopy diapers. I want to take back up Web Development, to secure a better future as a Dad(and granddad maybe). I took up Uber and Lyft a year and a half ago, to provide more for my kids right now.

So, here it is, Thomas Aurelius – Dad on a Dime. Where I put both of these eggs into the same basket, because for me, I’m a Dad first. I can speak more authentically from this parent-being centered space, than I can from a Web Development space- or a Lyft or Uber driver/gig worker space.

That said, anyone is welcome. No exclusions, all aboard.

About React…..

I’m kind of stuck with getting the run build to work right.

I built my app on codeanywhere’s IDE, but now I have found that getting it off of there and into the real world is less simple than I’d hoped.

So, in the meantime, I made a new profile for my side gig, ridesharing. I’ve wanted to make a page to share with riders from out of town, my favorite things in Austin. This has a “best of Austin” linkset, that for now, just links to outside posts, that I agree with their contents. In the future, I want to personalize some of my favorites, while still providing the broad links.

It has a rideshare section that has some recruitment links, and some of my favorite apps, for drivers and riders.

I hope to get the React App version out soon, as it looks cleaner, no scrolling.

If the React issue takes too long, I will switch the profile page over to some Javascript and just use dynamic html to create a single page app.